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Life as a Greenville Forward Intern

Being a recently hired intern from Furman University, I have only had about two months to tap into the inner workings of Greenville Forward, which has been an experience to remember. I didn’t know what to expect upon being hired, but after these two months, I cannot imagine working with another organization. Greenville Forward’s unique approach to creating a better living environment for Greenville, SC had provided me with new experiences, opportunities, and an awesome working family! Shout out to the staff…. you know who you are. So far, I have been working roughly ten hours a week; balancing work and school was a lot easier than I thought it would be, especially since I love coming to work!

So far, I have been working on a Community Garden Network project which has entailed speaking with community garden networks in other cities as well as gathering research about the prospect of creating a network for Greenville. A community garden network would connect various gardens throughout Greenville while simultaneously promoting the creation of new gardens in an effort to promote urban farming, healthy living, and delicious local crops! In addition to this project, until this week, I had been working hard with the other staff members for our annual “Heroes Next Door” and “Tomorrow Night” celebrations which were held at Zen on November 5th

Both of the events mentioned above took months of planning and a lot of input from all of the staff members, but the success and support we gained from both events were inspiring, not to mention, a lot of fun. Attending the “Heroes Next Door” Luncheon was a truly eye opening experience. Greenville Forward chose three local community members to honor, who go above and beyond the call of volunteerism, their community contributions touching many lives. After watching the honoring ceremony for these three truly wonderful people, I gained a deeper understanding of Greenville Forward and how we can help to inspire other community members to make Greenville a better place to live. The “Tomorrow Night” celebration was, in one word, awesome. Although working for 15 hours straight eventually led to the demise of the well being of my feet in high heels, the party was something I am glad I did not miss. Seeing so many community members come together to support Greenville Forward and our initiative for Vision 2025 was personally motivating to continue to give my all to Greenville Forward and this community.

I greatly look forward to future projects I will have the opportunity to work on in collaboration with Greenville Forward. This internship has been a blessing so far, and I can’t wait to see where it will lead me in the future!


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