Hello. Remember Me?

Remember me?  I’m the friendly web-portal project started back in August of 2011 to gather ideas from anyone and everyone about ways we can continue to enhance our wonderful community.  I started out quietly, just putting myself out there without much fanfare.  That was a good test for me to get my nerve up.  I began to meet people.  People with ideas.  People with really good ideas.  It wasn’t long after that I realized, “maybe I need to attract a bit more attention to myself.”

So, I threw a big party.  It was in downtown Greenville.  I think I saw you there.  There were so many people, I just can’t remember.  But, it proved to me that folks in Greenville wanted something like me.  A place where they could play and post ideas, while checking out and commenting on other ideas.  Many times I heard from folks that I’ve been needed for a while.  It made me feel good, but it also put a lot of pressure on me.  Now that I had met the world and showed them what I could do, how would I prove that I could make a difference?  A small website that gathered ideas, shared thoughts and connected them to other sites like facebook and twitter.  How could I get these ideas some support?  I mean, some of these ideas were really good.  Some were really GREAT!  Community changing ideas.

So, that is where we are now…

After the dust had settled, I remembered I had spoken with some of you helping me out in the future.  You are MY Champion.  You are the doer, the dreamer, the visionary, the connection of my existence.   For you, I have been working to compile ideas that came from your neighbors, children, parents, co-workers and colleagues.  Now, all I ask you to do is visit me at www.whatifgreenville.com and try to take one idea, JUST ONE, to action.  When I first started out, I got over 1,400 ideas and thoughts.  And, I need your help to start the process to putting some of these to action.  Some of these have already started.  Some haven’t.  I CHALLENGE you to find one and take it on.  I’ll be here to help.  I’ll be here to motivate.  I’ll be here as your resource.  Do you accept?

Thank you for your leadership.  You are a true Champion.

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