Interested in Higher Education’s Impact on Workforce Development? Read on…

Greenville Forward has been successfully implementing a dialogue-building program called Momentum for nearly four years now. The program fulfills one of our four main activities that we do as an organization to be sure Vision 2025 comes to fruition, opening dialogue around key issues. The month of March is concluding our three-month focus on Learning (one of our six main focus areas) and we are rounding out the conversation with a Momentum Series topic close to the heart of many industry leaders in Greenville. Read below to see what we will be talking about and how you can be sure to reserve your spot on March 1.

Higher Learning: Bringing Higher Education and Workforce Development Together.  

Greenville County is a learning community.  This is what Vision 2025 says about Greenville’s future.  We recognize that being a learning community is vital to our vibrancy, our wellbeing, and our success as a region.  We see our citizens engaging in post secondary education while we dramatically increase our efforts in workforce development, thus establishing ourselves as a world class, economically viable community.

The importance we place on higher education and workforce development in our community is paramount. The nature of work is changing and preparation to be a part of and remain in the workforce in this environment is also changing.  More job opportunities will require post-secondary education and degrees in the future, with the development of a high quality and engaged workforce being key to our success.   We are no longer competing on a regional scale for economic development issues, but rather on a world-wide scale.  It will be increasingly important that we have a workforce that knows how to operate in a globalized marketplace, that thinks critically and makes informed decisions in a highly complex environment, and keeps up with the technological changes and opportunities around us.

With this ever-changing landscape, how important is it for Greenville to stay ahead of the curve in training a highly educated and engaged workforce?  What role do institutions like The University Center, Greenville Tech, Furman University and Clemson play in moving forward?  Greenville’s economic competitiveness depends on the educational readiness of our workforce, so how can we ensure that our traditional higher educational systems have a specific focus on workforce development needs?

When: Thursday, March 1, 2012

 11:45a.m to 1:00p.m.

Where: Greenville Chamber of Commerce

24 Cleveland Street

Greenville, SC 29601


$10 ($8.00 for Greenville Forward Members.)

Enter Promo Code before you purchase on Eventbrite.

Includes lunch; payable at the door. The series sells out quickly.

Reservations are required since space is limited to the first 30 signups.  Cash, checks, Visa/Mastercard accepted.

NOTE:  We order and pay for lunches based on RSVPs. If you register and your plans change, please notify us so we can cancel your lunch.   

To register, go to or email

Greenville Forward’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for greater Greenville by engaging citizens in continually updating, promoting, and facilitating a community vision for 2025 and beyond.

Vision 2025 dares to imagine a community whose growth is fueled by creativity, ignited by the power of ideas, and fired by the goal of excellence. Vision 2025 is just a glimpse into the future of Greenville. It’s a commitment to improving our community to match the changing times around us.

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